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Modular Terrain 2.0 is done!

I originally started working on this kit about a year ago, but gave up at one point due to lack of time. I finally got the time and motivation back to complete the project and I think it came out beautifully!

The idea behind this kit was to recreate my original modular terrain, correcting all the problems/annoyances people had with the original. I also wanted this kit to be fully textured, but to still have the low-poly charm. What I settled on was mostly sharp angles except where curves would fit in, along with a subtle pixel-art stylized texture set. Also, everything is solid, including parts that won't be visible in the end. I will be adding a feature to MAST that will strip out any faces/tris, that use specific materials, during the final merge meshes phase.

All pieces were recreated from scratch, with some pieces - like cliffs - completely reinvented. I also added an extensive retaining wall set, along with straight and curved steps, to give more landscaping possibilities.

The beaches were redesigned and now oceans and lakes are animated. The dock kit ended up becoming much larger than the original and supports complex building. They can now be used inside caves or anywhere else wood platforms are needed.

River water and waterfalls are now fully animated, and even flow in the correct direction due to custom shaders! You can place the hills and choose the appropriate river pieces manually, or use already created river assemblies. Using the assemblies, you can create a complex river system within less than a minute.

You can paint alternate materials for any prop. This is much easier using MAST's material painter than using Unity's native method. Also added 4 different customizable signs with easy-to-replace textures.

The new wooden bridge now only needs and end and a center piece which are uvmapped in a way that no seams show no matter how they're rotated.

Winter materials are also included, using specialized "accumulation" standard, planar, and triplanar shaders.

I just love this scene. The snow accumulation shaders really sell the winter environment.

I created alternate water for the winter environment as well as modular ice.

Lastly, I added camping props that could also be customized for the different environments. I don't think that campfire is going to light any time soon, though.

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