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Preview of my upcoming "house" collection

Been working an a tentatively titled "house" collection. This is by far my best work as far as quality and usability. I hope to have this completed by next week, depending on how much more I plan on adding to it. A full-time job keeps me from putting more time into this work.

So far I have walls, windows, doors, stairs "open and closed, straight and curved small/large", and indoor balcony pieces. I plan on adding a fireplace, a bar, kitchen cabinets/appliances, bathroom fixtures, and outdoor pieces "porch, outdoor balcony, roof pieces, chimney". I am not planning on creating any other type of furniture, since there are so many excellent furniture pieces already available. This is just going to be a house structure collection with a few decorations that need to match the structure, such as curtains, shutters, appliances, bathroom fixtures, etc.

Let me know of your opinions, and if you find these models useful, please at least consider donating at

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