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This is Ground Zero

Updated: Mar 20, 2018

Well, the website is created and "I hope" all my links are updated. At this point, I'm not really sure what will result from actually creating a presence on the web. My current plan is to go with the flow. I'm starting by creating modular 3D models specifically formatted for a tool called Assetforge. I think that tool is going to be big in the future unless another company beats them to completion with a similar app.

For the launch of this website, I have 4 Assetforge collections available: Temple, Hilly Terrain, Dungeon, and Racetrack. In the future I plan on creating 3D models for multiple purposes. I already have a strong background in mathematics, and many modelling techniques come easily for me. I expect that my models will continue to improve and evolve over time. I also plan to release some 2D artwork: pixel and vector art.

I would like to say from the beginning that I love feedback. If you like what I'm doing or have suggestions, then please let me know through the contact form. I will respond to anything that deserves a response =)

Finally, I have added a link to my Patreon account at the top of my home page for anyone who wants to donate. Of course I would love to make enough money doing this to quit my full time job. However, I don't expect to. This means that when I say these models are free, I don't mean free for a minimum donation of $$$. Do not feel pressured to donate, but know that I appreciate every one that I get.

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