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The Long Overdue Home Renovation is Complete!

Now at 120 models, this home construction set is looking better than ever. All textures in the screenshots were added on the fly with AssetForge.

There are 4 different picture frames, all which are very easy to add your own pictures to. The couch is modular, so it can be assembled any way you want. Other props pictured here: coffee table, tv, tv stand, side table, lamp, and ceiling fan.

Added a microwave model as well as several new rugs and light fixtures.

The steps and railing has been majorly improved and is now much easier to place. Added models for dining and a completely modular bar.

Added Queen, Single, and Bunk beds; and Single, Double, and Single Tall dressers. An optional vanity mirror is also available. Also, not pictured is a larger wood-grain 6-bladed ceiling fan.

The throne room now includes towel racks, shower curtains, a mirror, and even a toilet paper dispenser.

Lastly, here is an isometric view of all the models included in this collection:

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